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About World Vision

Founded in 2007 by Shameem Abdulla, World Vision Real Estate is a privately owned real estate company addressing real estate requirements and fulfilling all types of inquiries in the UAE especially in Dubai.
Through the years when foreign investors started to discover Dubai as a potential market, we developed collaborations to provide sales & leasing and property management services according to their needs.

Our goal is to address the expectations of our clients by providing them the most up-to-date knowledge and high-quality service whether they were investors, sellers or buyers. Providing local insight as well as technical assistance is one of our major strengths.

Having established solid partnerships with major developers in the past, is another advantage that might significantly ease the procedure of property related requirements.



The company has grown in strength and reputation and has maximized the business potential to the benefit of our valued local and international client base.



A complete 20,000+ transactions so far within residential, retail and commercial properties has been carried out over 14 years.


1.5 B+

Handled evelopment portfolio encompassing nearly 40 million sqft of residential, commercial & retail sectors sums up to a value of AED 1.5 B.



As a boutique real estate company, our team handled various clients from residential, commercial and retail sectors in the UAE and India

Behind the work.

We’re a group of professionals, strategists, innovative thinkers, social activists, and digital innovators exploring to improve our business and collaborative partners do more.

Shameem Abdulla

Founding Partner


Shameem Abdulla, founding partner with over 15+ years of experience in real estate in the UAE. He strives for and work with the highest business standards and practices. He is the member of Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) for the last 10+ years.

Mohammed Rasal



Mohammed Rasal brings 15+ years of experience in real estate in the UAE. He is the respected member of the local business community and are well thought of as leader in his own right.

Dipali Patil

Banking & Finance


Dipali Patil, brings 15 years of experience in Banking & Financial Sector having worked with top UAE Banks in various senior positions.

we help you realize your dream of owning a property

With our complete property experience includes sales, leasing and property management, we engage in the support of value-added partners to complete the professional services

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Our services

Our key service is a convenient and cost saving solution for property owners. We assist rent out and manage residential and commercial properties in the UAE. We act in a Landlord’s best interest and take care of a property as if it is our own.

Real Estate Management

We provide best property management solutions including the guaranteed rental of property. We offer to manage properties with maintenance contracts with our partners, throughout UAE. Our team values the importance of looking after Landlords and Tenants. We are a fully licensed management to offer comfort & security.

Brokerage Sale

When a property is for a sale, we assist our client’s property receives maximum exposure within our network of prospective buyers. Our agent takes a ownership of the selling process, managing every detail of the property from marketing the property to coordinating property visits. We share the client’s goal of achieving the maximum possible price, and selling quickly.

Brokerage Leasing

We assist our clients with selecting a tenant & screening them, prepare leasing agreement, inspecting the leased property time to time, review the lease agreements and update them and assist clients vacating the tenants. With our years of experience, our RERA compliant manager makes sure a smooth leasing process that benefits both tenants and landlords.

Tenant Representation

Our team represents tenants in definitive, rigorous and expert property advice as one point of contact. The service covers but not limited to, leasing, tenancy contract administration and various other services that require tenant to be present. All geared exclusively to occupier demands. We advise tenants of their responsibilities and obligations in a timely manner.

Landlord Representation

With comprehensive knowledge of market dynamics, the company offers to represent landlords, ensuring the right positioning and strategy for assets, leading to optimal returns. We have tailored a package including buying, selling, leasing, lease administration and various other services that require landlord’s presence.

Corporate Solutions

We are dedicated to providing the best professional advice and service to our corporate clients to suit their business needs. We present a range of corporate options for sale and rent in line with government and free zone regulations. Our collaborative and integrated service allowing us to formulate detailed strategic advice on a short, medium and long term basis by examining our client’s real estate needs from all angles.

Development Solutions

We offer advisory development solutions and property-related services. We provide the clients with the market’s depth & breadth, sourcing high growth developments, conducting feasibility study, market research, planning and experience of any local real estate business opportunity. We partner with development consultants, investment advisors to render short to long term results.

Investment Consultation

We provide professional consultation on investments and buying & selling of the property to achieve the best outcome. We ensure the client receives clear strategy, value optimization, portfolio review, development & diversification advice, identifying investment partners and due diligence. Our services are geared to enhancing the value of our clients real estate assets.

Valuation Advisory

We offer a full range of valuation and consultancy services under one service umbrella, ensuring that the client retains a personal point of contact, no matter what the service or combination of services. We make sure property valuation & advise are in line with market trends and conditions.

Core Values

We value trust and we strive to live up and even exceed expectations. We are humbled and thrilled to be counting years of professional relationship with our clients, landlords, tenants, collaborators and every individual we deal with.
Our core values of integrity and transparency are an essential part of everything we do. Our relationship with the industry’s leading developers gives us more premium and credibility.


Our vision is to become a leading agency and to enrich life through real estate services by maximizing the value of our clients’ assets and portfolio. To provide an outstanding level of service to our clients in buying, selling, leasing, exchanging, representing or managing a property in the UAE and India.


We provide services at a very high standard aiming to become a valuable player in the growth of real estate sector. As a team, We support each other to deliver exceptional customer service. As a business, we focus on opportunities from every angle and to provide professional and transparent service in all phases of the real estate procedures.


The biggest strength of World Vision Real Estate is our reputation and well maintained relationships. We have a skilled and passionate team with a wealth of experience in the UAE’s real estate industry, each bringing many years of relevant work experience to the company. Our professionals offers exceptional customer service, negotiation and marketing skills in both sales and leasing to sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants. We are working with most reputable developers in the UAE Market, and offering our best brokerage services to our clients. It would be not possible if we do not share a mutual relationship values with our clients, tenants and collaborators in the real estate sector.

A job worth doing is Worth Doing Together

World Vision Real Estate prides itself on its culture of collaboration that fosters collaborative work and enables the sharing of information and expertise across various partners.


World Vision Real Estate
201, Al Mabrooka Building
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road - Dubai - UAE

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